Mayors for Huntingdon and Ramsey are elected

Former mayor of Huntingdon Councillor Bill Hensley with new mayor Councillor Daryl Brown

Former mayor of Huntingdon Councillor Bill Hensley with new mayor Councillor Daryl Brown - Credit: Archant

The new mayor of Huntingdon has pledged to create “a town that welcomes everyone”.

That was the message from Councillor Daryl Brown as he took up the post on Thursday (May 12) after a unanimous decision by members of Huntingdon Town Council.

He said: “It is great to be chosen to be mayor but there is a lot of pressure in doing that following on from Councillor Hensley but I’m ready to get going with some strong foundations.”

Cllr Brown, who lives in Ermine Street, Huntingdon, has only been on the town council for a year but feels that this will allow him to bring new ideas to the chamber.

“I hope I bring some enthusiasm and youth to the town council. Throughout the year our work has got to work for everyone as I think that the town has been under sold to date,” he said.

In the coming year Cllr Brown hopes that he is able to boost tourism in the town as well as appeal to retail chains to open up in the centre.

Cllr Brown, who is also chief executive of Magpas, hopes to support the Ladybird Boat Trust, Huntingdon in the town centre, Huntingdon Town Football and Huntingdonshire Society for the Blind as his mayoral charities.

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Councillor Jay Dyne has been given the position of deputy mayor for the year.

On Thursday, Ramsey Town Council agreed that Councillor Adela Costello should serve a second term as the town’s mayor.

Cllr Costello told the Hunts Post: “I am very honoured to be re-elected as a mayor of Ramsey and hopefully I will do a better job than last year.

“It was something that I thought hard about and decided that I would like to take on the role for another year.”

After being a town councillor for 13 years, Cllr Costello hopes that in the next 12 months she will be able to provide greater help to groups working in Ramsey.

“I would like to make good links with the groups that are working in Ramsey as we have a lot of different organisations that provide better opportunities for people.”

Councillor Doug McIlwain will assist in the running of council after being elected deputy mayor.