Mayor says more action needed to combat issue of speeding in town

Mayor of Ramsey Councillor Doug McIlwain

Mayor of Ramsey Councillor Doug McIlwain - Credit: Archant

Tackling speeding is one of the biggest issues facing Ramsey, according to the mayor of the town.

Councillor Doug McIlwain said motorists flouting the speed limits in all parts of Ramsey had become a source of real concern for people living in the town, with the town council regularly receiving complaints.

In a bid to tackle the problem, the council has started introducing traffic calming measures but Cllr McIlwain said more needs to be done.

He said: “The town council’s view is that we need to curb speeding in the parish. We have just put speed calming measures into Ramsey Mereside and there are plans for more measures in Ramsey Forty Foot, Ramsey St Mary’s and Ramsey Heights.

“My personal view is that the only thing that will stop the speeders is average speed cameras, but they are too expensive for Ramsey Town Council.”

The extent of the problem in Ramsey has been laid bare by a team of volunteers who are monitoring the levels of speeding in Cambridgeshire.

Community Roadwatch, a community interest company, checked the speeds of 6,954 vehicles in Ramsey between January 1 and September 26 and identified 2,158 incidents of speeding, equating to 31 per cent of drivers.

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While the highest speed recorded so far in 2017 is 77mph in Uggmere Court Road, in a 40mph limit, in one incident in 2016, volunteers recorded a van driver travelling at 87mph on the approach to the bridge and the junction with St Mary’s Road.

The worst affected of the areas in Ramsey is the Pondersbridge 30mph zone, with 68 per cent of drivers recorded as speeding between January and September.

Cllr McIlwain said that Cambridgeshire County Council and the police were doing their best to clamp down on the issue but limited resources meant it was proving difficult to make a lasting impact.

He added: “Speeding is the main issue that we are facing at the moment. It is a big problem going through all the villages.

“It is something that Ramsey Town Council will be dealing with as best as we can.”

At a meeting held on September 14, Ramsey Town Council confirmed that it was “looking at speeding throughout the parish”.

A bid to Cambridgeshire County Council for funds for new traffic calming measures in Ramsey Heights is also being considered.