Mayor of Ramsey voices concern over public toilets

The mayor of Ramsey

The mayor of Ramsey - Credit: Archant

The mayor of Ramsey Councillor Doug McIlwain has called for action on the cleanliness of the public toilets.

The toilets in Ramsey

The toilets in Ramsey - Credit: Archant

The toilets which are situated in Ramsey town centre are regularly complained about in Ramsey, due to the smell and cleanliness.

The mayor of Ramsey, Councillor Doug McIlwain said: “I am appalled by the state of the toilets.

“People don’t seem to have any care for them and it is really not acceptable. On the town council we do have someone that is supposed to clean them, but it isn’t right that people feel the need to excrete on the floor.

“Not only that but sometimes I go in there and there are needles everywhere, we have even had people sleeping in their in the past.

“I want to try and make Ramsey a nice place for people to come to, but the states of the toilets are something that is very concerning.

“The town council are now working together to come up with a solutions so that we can revamp the toilets and make them a pleasant place for people to go.

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“The bottom line is everyone should be looking after them, including the town council, which is why we are looking at different ways to try and improve them.

It is understood that Ramsey town council are having discussions about adding a charge onto the use of the toilets to pay for the maintenance.

Councillor Rodger Brereton said he doesn’t feel like there is an issue regarding the toilets and that some residents have a bad impression of them.

Cllr Brereton said: “The main problem is that most people that comment have not been in the toilets recently.

“I have repaired and cleaned them over the last two years and they are not as bad as people think, in my opinion.

Members of the Ramsey community also took to Facebook to give their opinion about what should be done with the public toilets.

Vinny Fell said: “I’ve taken my son to them a few times. They have either been locked so you can’t use them or in a state that I wouldn’t let him go anywhere near them. There clearly isn’t money in the councils budget to properly maintain them. So they are pointless.”

Tony Haslam said: “These toilets should be locked in the evening, similar to those at St Ives bus station. A pay to use should be made to pay for their upkeep. Radar keys should be used for the disabled. I reside above the library and these toilets in Grand apartments, and seen evidence of drug taking and even used as a night shelter. CCTV should be placed outside for security.”