Mayor of Godmanchester outlines plans for her second term in office

The mayor of Godmanchester Councillor Sarah Conboy

The mayor of Godmanchester Councillor Sarah Conboy - Credit: Archant

The mayor of Godmanchester, Councillor Sarah Conboy has spoken about her plans for the town after she was elected for a second term.

Cllr Conboy was elected by Godmanchester Town Council on May 17, with Councillor Sarah Wilson elected as deputy mayor.

Cllr Conboy is hoping that she can continue to foster a ‘small community’ feel to the town, as well as encourage people to get involved in what is going on in Godmanchester.

She said: “I think, from my point of view, I just want to continue doing what we are doing. We are very focused on the local plan and want to see Godmanchester grow.

“We already have such a successful community I want to really focus on how to make it even better.

“I want to continue to work hard for our residents and to push to address issues such as potholes and traffic, and just trying to improve Godmanchester as much as we can.”

After addressing the issues in Godmanchester, Cllr Conboy went on to talk about her biggest task this year.

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She said: “This year’s charity theme is around young children, so I will be supporting all the groups around Godmanchester that come under that umbrella.

“Some of these groups include parent teacher associations, uniformed groups like guides and scouts, toddler groups, and other groups that help contribute to Godmanchester.

“We are also going to be celebrating 100 years of women getting the vote, and it’s a great time for us to celebrate it as myself and the deputy are both female. Although our gender is nothing to do with us getting the roles, it is a nice symmetry to help us celebrate.

“The main thing that I want to focus on is the community spirit in the town. Although we are a town, I feel like we have the spirit of a large village. I want to make sure that we hold our status as a welcoming town and I don’t want the town to become so big that we are disconnected.”

Cllr Conboy wants to encourage residents to get involved in events and groups around the town which she says are what makes Godmanchester so special.

She said: “I think the key message is that I want people to know what is going on in the town and that people can feel like they can get involved.”