Harrowing video warning from seriously ill 20-year-old who survived Covid

Jay Clack, 20-years old, fought for his life with Covid-19 earlier this month at Hinchingbrooke hospital 

Jay Clack, 20-years old, fought for his life with Covid-19 earlier this month at Hinchingbrooke hospital - Credit: Jay Clack

An Offord man, has a stern warning for the public, telling the Covid i"s no game, it nearly killed me”. 

Jay Clack spent 10 days in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, earlier this month, fighting for his life after he contracted coronavirus.  

Jay who has asthma and anaphylactic allergies had been shielding during the third pandemic lockdown. 

But on December 28 2020, he became unwell describing how he was "bed ridden" with "breathing difficulties, cold and hot sweats, body aches and joint pain". 

Jay and his family released harrowing pictures and videos to document his suffering and create awareness of the virus. 

He said: “The videos are out there of me, the pictures are out there of me, I am trying to show you how serious this is.” 

“I don’t want anyone to go through this, I wish people can have a hard look at themselves and realise how dangerous this virus can be. 

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“It is no game, we are not in the playground anymore, it nearly killed me.” 

Jay went into Hinchingbrooke hospital on New Year's Eve , but was discharged the same day.  

But just two days later he went back into the hospital with Type 1 respiratory failure. 

Jay Clack with his sister 

Jay Clack with his sister - Credit: Jay Clack

Jay said: “I couldn’t move and I was so ill, it all became a blur. 

“The ICU nurses were amazing on the ward and they would prop my phone up so I could talk to my family through Facetime, because I literally couldn’t move.” 

Jay was seriously ill whilst in the ICU and at one point his symptoms took a turn for the worse. 

He made a tearful goodbye call to his family through Facetime thinking that he might not survive.

“It was literally a goodbye call, I remember the phone call ending and me thinking this is literally it, I am not going to hear my dad or my sister’s voice again.” 

Jay’s symptoms eventually improved, he said he is so “thankful to be alive” and wants to warn others of how serious the virus is. 

Jay was discharged from hospital on January 11 and been recovering at home.  

Jay said: “Hinchingbrooke Hospital have been phenomenal and have been amazing.” 

Whilst most of the messages Jay received were supportive, not everyone was sympathetic.  

When Jay published his story in the media, he said he roughly received 80 percent positive comments but still received 20 percent negative feedback.  

Jay found these comments shocking and hurtful and  said: “I am happy with the way I look, I am comfortable with the way I look.  

“I just think it’s crazy that people were commenting on my height or my weight, or my looks, it’s just astonishing.  

“Some people commented and said is 'he 20 or is he 40'?  

“'Look how overweight he is, he must be smoking 20 packs a day'.  

“I am not overweight, I have been on steroids since I have been a kid due to my allergies, which is going to have an effect on my body.” 

Jay says he had to stop reading the comments as it was very upsetting to him. 

He said it was so easy to get hooked and the best thing to do was to come off the pages.  

Jay said he went from no views to over 1.1 million views on his Instagram, whilst documenting his tough experience.  

Jay Clack with his Dad

Jay Clack with his Dad - Credit: Jay Clack

His work as a part-time trainee hairdresser at Cambridge Regional College and a part-time pizza delivery driver stopped once the pandemic hit, and he is currently receiving sick pay. 

Jay hopes that he can hopefully create awareness of this disease after hearing some of the young generation saying it was ‘a joke’ and only felt like a hangover to them.  

Jay is charting his Covid recovery on Instagram, and also runs an allergy awareness account