Man admits assault on girlfriend after argument on night out in St Ives

A NIGHT out for three friends ended in a fight after an argument, magistrates heard.

Masimba Madondo, of Bevan Close, Huntingdon, invited his girlfriend Danielle Ward and her friend Martin Swallow to a St Ives nightclub where he was working as a promoter on September 7.

Paul Brown, prosecuting, said the 21-year-old met them on the Broadway and an argument started as both of his guests were drunk.

On Thursday magistrates in Huntingdon were shown CCTV footage of Miss Ward taking Madondo’s mobile phone and then saw him grab his girlfriend by the throat and push her up against a wall.

He let go when he got his phone back.

Immediately afterwards Mr Swallow ran at Madondo and the defendant knocked him out with a single punch.

Madondo and his girlfriend then walked off, leaving Mr Swallow unconscious on the ground.

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Mr Brown added that Mr Swallow was taken to hospital with swelling and bruising to his face.

Kevin Warboys, mitigating, said: “This was a pretty disastrous night for all three of them.

“Mr Swallow was dealt with by the police for breaking a window, Miss Ward was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and Madondo has ended up being charged with assaulting both of them.

“Madondo was dismayed and embarrassed that the pair were so drunk and they remonstrated with each other.

“An eyewitness, who saw the whole event, said that Miss Ward was being aggressive, and had taken my client’s phone and dropped it, breaking it.

“He said that Miss Ward slapped Madondo with ‘a cracker’ and Madondo showed great constraint in not retaliating at first.”

Madondo admitted assaulting both Mr Swallow and Miss Ward and will appear before magistrates tomorrow (Thursday) to be sentenced.