MAGPAS’ greatest challenge

THERE are about 50 volunteers who find the time to help Magpas with one of its greatest challenges – fundraising.

Concepta Wayment is one of those volunteers – a dedicated woman who manages to fit fundraising for Magpas into an already busy schedule that includes running her own business – The Retreat, a training college and beauty and holistic therapy centre in George Street, Huntingdon.

For Concepta, 48, her volunteering role has been eye-opening and rewarding.

“I’m a local girl so I used to see all the cars around,” she told The Hunts Post. “We knew whenever we saw one of the Magpas cars that there was an emergency, and there was a doctor on board.

“Apart from that, I didn’t know too much more of what they did. I just thought they were just an air ambulance.

“It wasn’t until a friend told me a bit about Magpas and I was invited to the base at RAF Wyton and saw the training first hand that I realised the extent of the service.”

As well as its life-saving service, Magpas also provides training for medical workers who deal with emergencies, and it also is involved in research. Partnered with Leicester University, Magpas is heading a trauma research project that looks at ways of preventing accidents and improving care patients receive following an accident.

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Concepta, of Croft Street, Huntingdon, is now chairman of the Magpas fundraising committee and is committed to keeping the emergency charity carrying out all of its worthwhile work.

“You never know when you might need them and I hope I don’t, but it’s important to raise money for them because they receive no money from the Government.

“When you raise money for a charity you feel like you’re making a contribution to the service. Every little bit will make a difference.”

She added: “It’s not that easy to raise money in these economic times. A lot of people are in dire financial straits, but I like to organise events where people can take something from it as well.”

INFORMATION: Magpas is also holding a skydive in July, a zumbathon, an abseiling event, and a ball in November. For details, or to help raise money, call Magpas on 01480 371060.