Lucky escape for cat after Godmanchester vet arrives at scene of accident

Phoebe taken into Wood Green Animal Shelter following accident

Phoebe taken into Wood Green Animal Shelter following accident - Credit: Archant

A cat has had a lucky escape thanks to the speedy reactions of a local vet.

Three-year-old cat Phoebe was hit by a car earlier this month and was left badly injured at the side of the road.

Phoebe was fighting for survival but, luckily for her, vet Jo Brand, of Wood Green Animal Shelter, was right behind the accident and rushed her in for emergency treatment.

Since then, staff have been giving the fortunate feline round the clock care, nursing her back towards health.

Wood Green says that Phoebe was not micro-chipped so her owners could not be contacted but the charity has stepped in and offered to continue her treatment.

Jane Harrup, from Wood Green, said: “It really was touch and go.”

The cat’s facial injuries were so severe that her right eye could not be saved but veterinary eye specialist David Williams was called in to save her left eye.

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“We were determined to give her the best possible treatment, to save as much of her vision as we could,” added Ms Harrup.

Phoebe will not be available for re-homing just yet but soon she will be ready to reach the end of her journey, taking her from death’s door to the arms of a loving family.

She is just one of the thousands of animals that come through the doors of Wood Green, every year.

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