Loves Farm residents take on commuters over inconsiderate parking

Commuter parking on Loves Farm, St Neots.

Commuter parking on Loves Farm, St Neots. - Credit: Archant

Angry residents have joined together in a campaign to “scare off” the inconsiderate drivers who litter their roads with cars.

The combined effect of motorists being slapped with £30 fines for parking on a grass verge on Hawkesden Road and the opening of the footbridge to St Neots railway station in February, has led to the neighbouring roads in Loves Farm becoming congested with parked vehicles.

Commuters park early in the morning, often returning late in the evening and can be double parked or obstructing corners, according to residents.

But because the roads have not yet been adopted by Cambridgeshire County Council, restrictions would need to applied for and funded by the developer.

A resident of School Drive, who asked not to be named, said that on one occasion a driver did not return to collect their poorly parked vehicle for four days. She added that problems also occur during drop-off and pick-up times at the Round House Primary Academy and during football matches at the nearby ground.

She added: “They park on corners so you can’t see round. The bus can’t get down here and residents can’t even park. It is a problem for everyday life – some people round here do online shopping but they can’t get their groceries delivered because the van has got nowhere to park up.

“I would just like to stop them from doing it. It’s becoming a joke.”

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She said residents had resorted to marking out private parking spaces with cones, but these were removed.

She wants to see restrictions, such as resident only bays or yellow lines, imposed.

“There is a lot of anger,” she added. “Residents will do what they can to scare them off, like putting notes on cars, but other people have confronted them. I personally think it is a danger – it is just getting congested and I don’t think the problem is going to go away, it is just going to get worse.”

Marcus Pickering, chairman of Loves Farm Community Association, said that he was trying to put together a group to look at how to tackle the problem, working with the developer Gallagher Estates and CCC.

He told The Hunts Post: “A residents’ parking scheme with restrictions for an hour or two a day – something along those lines – has been talked about.

“I think it is the sort of thing we support in principle, but the danger that we have got to look out for is that as soon as we get restrictions in one area it just moves the problem a little bit further along.”

David Wells, town councillor for St Neots East, said it was an issue that had been flagged up as a problem before the development was built.

“Ultimately it is down to pressing Gallagher to do something and obviously the railways as well – some would argue it’s too expensive to park at the station,” he said. “There is a challenge on Loves Farm with parking anyway. It is certainly an issue but I think it will take time to fix it, particularly with the roads not being adopted – it is certainly high on my list.”

A spokesman for Great Northern, which charges £7.70 per day for parking at the station, said that it was priced “competitively” and that it froze tariffs earlier this year. Gallagher Estates was not able to comment before The Hunts Post went to press.

If you would like to help the community association to tackle the issue, email