Louis Smith can win Strictly Come Dancing if he lets his personality shine

LOUIS Smith is the best dancer in this year’s Strictly, according to his coach Paul Hall, who believes the 23-year-old can win if he lets his personality shine through.

Ok Louis- Here’s my take on things for what it’s worth: Most of what I know about dancing can be written on the back of a postage stamp but, to me, you look like the best, most technical dancer there. The other celebrities are all performers from acting, music, or media careers with great experience of letting their personalities shine through on camera. I don’t think Strictly is only about the technicalities of dancing- you would win hands down if it were, so play them at their game and show everyone just what a great character you are.

You remember the Club display a few years ago when you did an incredible impersonation of an ape in the Jungle Book display? And the numerous times when you have fooled your mates with prank phone calls from pizza delivery men or foreign sounding doctors? If they want passion just cast your mind back to some of our discussions in the gym where you showed more than a passing ability to hold an argument and enough humour to dissolve an entire training session into a giggling gaggle of helpless gymnasts. You bring that fire to your dance steps and there will be no stopping you!

Nice to see you last week and thanks for supporting the Club in it’s drive to raise enough money to build a new gym.

Keep Going Louis!

Paul Hall