Lorry swerves into cars, narrowly missing petrol station in Duxford

A lorry hit two cars before narrowly missing a petrol station on A505 at Duxford.

Footage shows the lorry swerving across the oncoming traffic, before it ended up in a ditch in woodland.

Phones and internet have been down out across the Heathfield estate since the incident, because the lorry damaged the telecommunications green boxes.

The lights at the petrol station, located near the Imperial War Museum, can be seen going out as the HGV comes off the road.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “We were called at just after 4.15pm on Friday, October 16 to reports of collision involving a lorry and two cars in Royston Road, Duxford. The lorry then careered into a ditch causing damage to a number of telegraph poles. Officers attended and the road was closed while the lorry was recovered. No one was injured as a result.”

According to reports on social media, the driver had passed out behind the wheel after choking on food. This has not been confirmed by Cambridgeshire police, who have no records indicating the driver was choking at the time. No arrests have been made.

Openreach said the lorry destroyed two of their roadside boxes, and they need to be completely replaced. The work has been scheduled to take place today (Friday, October 23).

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A spokesperson for Openreach said: “Two of our roadside cabinets were completely destroyed here, and we understand how frustrating that must be for people living nearby.

“Our engineers are ready to carry out the repair work on Friday, and they’ll get people re-connected as quickly as possible.”

A man who works at the petrol station said: “When the lorry crashed, there was a very loud noise. Suddenly, the power was gone and 10 minutes later it came back but the phone and internet box was broken.

“I saw the driver and he was alright. He said to me he couldn’t control the lorry.”

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