HCVs banned from travelling through Huntingdonshire village

Heavy commercial vehicles will not be able to use the B1040 through Hilton at any time of the day.

Heavy commercial vehicles will not be able to use the B1040 through Hilton at any time of the day. - Credit: GOOGLE STREET VIEW

Heavy vehicles will be banned from using a road through Hilton after a traffic consultation exercise.

A restriction for heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) is already in place overnight on the B1040 between Hemingford Grey/Fenstanton and Papworth Everard.

This will now be extended, stopping HCVs from using the road at any time of day, after 121 comments of support were sent to Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC).

The decision that the change should be implemented was taken by the county council’s traffic manager in consultation with local members at a delegated decision meeting on February 14.

In a report published by CCC, it said that many of those who had written to the county council in support of the full time restriction were people who live in Hilton.

It said that a number of concerns over the current impact of HCVs on the village were raised, including noise, vibration and pollution, damage to road surfaces and listed buildings, and safety concerns for vulnerable road users.

The decision report said that one written objection to the proposals had been withdrawn before the meeting, but that two objections had been received from companies that use HCV’s in the area.

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It said that the two companies raised concerns that the change would mean the HCVs having to drive further, therefore increasing the amount of fuel used and increasing CO2 emissions.

The haulage companies also said they had not been consulted on the plans. In the report, CCC said it was not possible for it to consult individual companies who use the B1040, but said it had consulted freight trade organisations and had received no responses.

The report went on to say that the concerns of the haulage companies were considered, but had to be “balanced” with the concerns that had been expressed by people living in Hilton about air pollution caused by HCVs driving through their village.

It said: “Traffic data indicates that approximately 1,000 HCVs per week use the B1040 through Hilton.

“There is clear support for the proposed restriction from local people, Hilton Parish Council and elected members.

“Since the current overnight HCV ban was introduced, the road network has improved and better alternatives now exist.

“Hence, it seems reasonable to give Hilton the same full time protection from HCV traffic that surrounding villages enjoy.”