St Neots school wants your help to remember past as part of jubilee celebrations

Neil Owen is the principle of Longsands Academy in St Neots.

Neil Owen is the principle of Longsands Academy in St Neots. - Credit: Archant

Longsands Academy wants to hear from former students as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations.

A secondary school in St Neots is about to celebrate its diamond jubilee anniversary.

Longsands Academy is appealing to people in the area to share and record its stories past and present.

The college is also keen to hear from former students and those with a connection to the school during the last 60 years, including staff members and families.

Neil Owen, principal of Longsands, said: “We are excited to mark the 60th anniversary of Longsands and to take this opportunity to share and celebrate the achievements of some of our former students, alongside those of our current community.

“We know that many of our students have had fulfilling and enriching lives with many accomplishments and we would dearly like to hear from them and for them to share their stories.

“It would be wonderful if the current student body can be inspired by the accomplishments of the former incumbents of the classrooms they now learn in.”

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If you would like to get in touch with the academy and share your story, go to: