London 2012: How to avoid ticket scams

WITH less than one week to go until the ticketing process for the Olympic Games opens, Cambridgeshire police has given residents new advice to ensure they are not taken in by criminals determined to cash in on London 2012.

The rise in the use of the internet to purchase tickets and accommodation packages online, coupled with the huge expected demand, gives criminals new opportunities to sell fake tickets and steal credit card details.

Over 8million tickets will be made available for the Olympic Games and a further 2m for the Paralympics. The ticket process for the Olympic Games opens on March 15 and runs until April 26.

By taking some simple steps anyone buying a ticket can keep help prevent them becoming a victim.

Force intelligence manager, Detective Inspector Tim Nasta said: “The 2012 Games will be one of the biggest sporting events this country has ever hosted, with nearly 11m tickets available for events right across the country.

“Criminals will be looking for ways to con and steal, either through selling fake tickets or setting up professional looking sites which may look honest, but could leave you a victim.

“There is some easy-to-follow advice which will help keep you safe and ensure you can enjoy the Games next year.”

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If you’re buying a ticket for the Games:

o When the London 2012 ticket application process opens you have until April 26 to apply for tickets as they are not allocated on a first come first served basis.

o The only way to apply for a ticket in the UK is at This is London 2012’s official site. You can also get a postal application from any Lloyds TSB branch. Don’t buy a ticket from an unauthorised website or tout.

o If you get a ticket for an event you can’t attend, you can return your ticket to get a refund.

o There are only three official providers for Games Breaks and Hospitality (Thomas Cook, Prestige Travel and Jet Set Travel)

If you find tickets for sale before March 15 or afrom any unauthorised source report it to Cambrigheshire police.