Local elections: Who’s after your vote? List of candidates revealed

Candidates have been announced for the May local elections.

Candidates have been announced for the May local elections. - Credit: Archant

Candidates standing in May’s Huntingdonshire District Council elections have been announced ahead of voting on May 22.

One third of the seats at Pathfinder House are being contested.

Those seats being contested are:

Alconbury and the Stukeleys

Keith Morton Baker (Con)

Martin Cohen (UKIP)

Nick Sherratt (Lab)

Most Read

Mary Fairweather Watkin (Lib Dem)


Terry Hayward (Ind)

John Lloyd (UKIP)

Robert Kenneth Pugh (Lab)

Julie Eileen Wisson (Con)


Margaret Cochrane (Lab)

Mike Francis (Con)

Tony Hulme (Lib Dem)

Peter Michael Verrechia (UKIP)

Elton And Folksworth

Kevin Roy Goddard (Lab)

Roger John Henson (UKIP)

Rita Elaine Mathews (Con)


Peter Brown (Con)

Sarah Joanne Conboy (Lib Dem)

Paul Kenneth Dickinson (UKIP)

Ruth Anna Elisabeth Pugh (Lab)

Gransden And The Offords

Keith Drew (UKIP)

Nik Johnson (Lab)

Richard West (Con)

Huntingdon East

Daryl James Brown (Con)

Ste Greenall (Lib Dem)

Andrew John Hardy (UKIP)

David Mitchel King (Lab)

Huntingdon West

Dennis Cyril Brown (UKIP)

Michael Philip Burrell (Lib Dem)

Stephen Cawley (Con)

Mark Johnson (Lab)


Madeleine Ann Jackson (Con)

Anthony Jebson (Lib Dem)

Iain Michael Ramsbottom (Lab)

Peter David Reeve (UKIP)


Simon Bywater (UKIP)

Margaret Coomey (Lab)

Darren Marcus Tysoe (Con)

St Ives East

Paul Bullen (UKIP)

Jim Lomax (Lab)

John Richard Oliver (Lib Dem)

Deborah Christine Reynolds (Con)

St Ives South

Angie Dickinson (Con)

Margaret Teresa King (UKIP)

Colin Macrae Saunderson (Lib Dem)

John Philip Watson (Lab)

St Neots Eynesbury

Marian May Appleton (UKIP)

Angela Maria Hogan (Lab)

Louie Ruck (Con)

Gareth Robert Thomas (Green)

Steve Van De Kerkhove (Ind)

St Neots Priory Park

Barry Stephen Chapman (Con)

Carol Gamby (UKIP)

Stephen Andrew Hinchley (Lab)

Melina Lafirenze (Green)

The Hemingfords

Richard John Allen (Lab)

Doug Dew (Con)

Philip Foster (UKIP)

Warboys And Bury

Peter Leonard Ernest Bucknell (Con)

Mary Theresa Howell (Lab)

Andy Monk (UKIP)

Christine Susan Wills (Lib Dem)

Yaxley And Farcet

Maddie Banerjee (Con)

Barry Hyland (UKIP)

Chris Waites (Lib Dem)

Graeme Leslie Watkins (Lab and Co-Op)

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