Have your say on how to improve transport and travel in Godmanchester

Godmanchester Town Council is inviting residents to comment on its Transport Plan for the town.

Godmanchester Town Council is inviting residents to comment on its Transport Plan for the town. - Credit: Hunts Post

Godmanchester Town Council (GMCTC) has invited the community to read and comment on the Atkins Transport Plan, which highlights the transport and travel issues within the town, and proposed schemes to improve them.

GMCTC commissioned Atkins to produce a transport plan earlier this year to address issues and identify opportunities to improve road safety, pollution and general transport conditions in town that will boost the quality of life and make residents feel safer.

The council is keen to receive as many comments as possible and asks for them to be sent by the end of August so they can make a prioritisation list and begin implementing schemes.

New chair of Planning and Transport, Cllr Karen Pauley, said: “Transport issues have been a problem in Godmanchester for many years.  

"This council has one opportunity to gain the trust of residents and to make the necessary and appropriate changes.  

"These changes need to be feasible, affordable and have the maximum impact for the entire town”.

Around 50 potential ideas were presented and assessed in the report, published on April 5, which included creating safer pedestrian links, traffic calming measures, improved parking, extended guided busways, footpaths, cycle paths and more.

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The cost of each option ranges from £1,500 to £5 million, and the key ones will be presented to Cambridgeshire County Council at a future date for a discussion about implementation and funding options.

A working group has been created to review and process the plan, and they would like to ensure that residents fully support any recommendations for change and that they feel part of the process.

The Godmanchester community have already begun commenting on the transport plan on social media, sharing their concerns and opinions.

One user said: "Turning grass verges into parking - good idea in residential spots where there is limited parking, but there are none where the parking hot spots are in the centre - I would not like to see the Avenue dug up that looks lovely as we drive in especially in spring."

Another user added: "A wider and flatter pathway along the causeway would be appreciated by us disabled."

The Working Group will provide regular updates on the progress made and if you wish to submit a comment or view the transport plan, visit https://gmccouncil.com/slider-2/.