Little Paxton woman “fuming” over maggots in her bin

A DISABLED mother-of-two has been left furious after binmen refused to take rubbish from her house – leaving her with a bin now crawling with maggots.

A DISABLED mother-of-two has been left furious after binmen refused to take �rubbish from her house – leaving her with a bin crawling with maggots.

Sarah Bell put three bags beside her black bin for collection on Thursday, September 2, but they were not removed.

After calling Huntingdonshire District Council, she was told the extra bags could not be taken as they had not been in the wheelie bin.

“I’m absolutely fuming that they didn’t pick up all the rubbish when they came around. It’s a health hazard if the rubbish is not cleared,” said Mrs Bell, 23.

Mrs Bell has to change medical dressings twice daily, which she said could lead to additional rubbish. She also has trouble walking very far.

After again asking for the rubbish to be picked up, Mrs Bell was told she would be sent HDC-marked bags to ensure the excess was picked up on the next collection – two weeks later.

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The excess was finally picked up on Friday, and the marked bags delivered, after Mrs Bell contacted the council again.

Mrs Bell moved into the house in Peacock Walk, Little Paxton, earlier this year with her husband James and sons Thomas, four, and Charlie, two.

“There were other bags further up the road that were left, too. It’s not very pleasant because there are children who play in the street and there were rotting bins around.

“I couldn’t take the kids out of the back door because the maggots were everywhere,” she said. “I was worried they would soon be flies – I don’t want my kids to be around that.

“I went out to take Thomas to school and there were maggots everywhere. The bin had maggots coming out of the top. It was absolutely disgusting.”

A Huntingdonshire District Council spokesman said arrangements had been made to collect the excess rubbish from Mrs Bell’s house on this occasion, but reiterated that it was the council’s policy to collect only the waste inside wheelie bins.

The council also confirmed that Mrs Bell was eligible for a second black bin because she has two children of nappy-wearing age.