A teenager from Bluntisham was so disturbed by the rubbish she saw dumped at the roadside on her drive into work that she decided to clean it up.

And now, Ellice Wilson, 17, is encouraging others to join her as she extends her litter picking to other locations around Huntingdonshire.

Ellice - who describes herself as a 'Litter Picker Ninja' - was on her way to work on June 8 when she spotted mounds of dumped rubbish at the side of Biggin Lane, in Ramsey.

After finishing up at work, Ellice decided to pull on her gloves, grab some black sacks and head back to the town the following day to clean up as much of the mess as she could manage.

In the end, she collected 13 bags stuffed full of waste, but had to leave as much again at the side of the road. Among the mess Ellice collected were tyres, duvets, piping, wiring, and boxes.

She said: "I am aware of how bad the oceans are because of all the rubbish and plastic being dumped there and I want to prevent that from getting worse in any way I can. I decided to go out [to Ramsey] in my dungarees and with my bin bags and pick up as much as I could."

Ellice said her family and friends had been supportive of her efforts and she now wants to target other locations in Huntingdonshire for a clean up.

She said: "It would be brilliant if we had a massive group of people who wanted to help pick up some of the rubbish because it's just killing our wildlife."

Ellice said The Thicket in St Ives was high on the list of areas she wanted to target next and she is keen to hear from anyone who wants to help. She is proposing to hold a clean-up on June 29.

If you would like to find out more about Ellice's plans, or can offer some help, send her an e-mail at litterpickerninja@gmail.com.