Cambs Cops release ‘Line of Duty Bingo’ for hit-BBC series finale

(left to right) Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston on the set of the sixth series of L

Cambridgeshire Constabulary released ‘Line of Duty Bingo’ ahead of the hit-BBC series finale on Sunday, May 2. - Credit: PA

Cambridgeshire Constabulary joined in the excitement of the series finale of the hit-BBC crime drama Line of Duty at the weekend.  

Releasing a game of ‘Line of Duty Bingo’, Cambs Cops filled a card with famous phrases from the award-winning TV drama ahead of the final on Sunday (May 2).  

“Mother of God! Who's excited for the final episode of Line of Duty tonight,” asked officers on social media at the weekend.  

“Here are just a few of our predictions for the finale, why not share yours with us and play along later.”  

Cambs Cops 'Line of Duty Bingo' results. 

Cambs Cops 'Line of Duty Bingo' results. - Credit: Facebook/Cambs Cops

‘Bent coppers’, ‘wee donkey’ and finally discovering who the mysterious ‘H’ was amongst the point scorers on the interactive game created by the force.  

Officers released a picture of their own ‘Line of Duty Bingo’ card following Sunday’s explosive episode where the identity of ‘H’ was revealed.  

“Now we’re sucking diesel! Not too bad folks - thanks for playing along,” they added.