Lockdown Diaries: A day in the life of hairdresser Kirsty Piekuta

Kirsty Piekuta, Hairdresser Owner of Kapili Design Hair PICTURE

Kirsty Piekuta, Hairdresser Owner of Kapili Design Hair PICTURE: Kirsty Piekuta - Credit: Kirsty Piekuta

Readers share their lock-down stories - the good, the bad and all the other stuff we didn’t see coming and struggled to deal with.

Kirsty Piekuta, is the owner of Kapili Design Hair, in St Ives, and here she shares a typical day in lockdown.

6am - Wake up with Ellie, my eight-month-old, get bottle ready and fed Ellie. Put the news on television. Check and read any messages I have.

7am - My husband, Chris, goes to work. I prepare breakfast for me and Ellie, and feed the cat. Clean and tidy after breakfast - it gets messy!

8am - Swap the news for some nursery rhymes and have a sing-a-long with Ellie and play with some toys.

9am - If not done already, then sooth Ellie and put her down for a nap. Check and reply to any messages from clients I’ve missed since the morning, send or reply to emails from suppliers. Check out any new training online, or see what salons or other industry professionals are doing in other countries or states that have been allowed to open after lockdown. Keep up to date in what’s going on in the industry. Run any reports from our database to help make any decisions we have.

10am - Prepare and feed Ellie another bottle. Have a shower and get us both ready for the day. Put a wash on.

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11am - Go for a walk with Ellie in the pushchair.

12pm - Within this hour, I usually prepare lunch for Ellie and I, which again gets messy! Hang the washing out too.

1pm - Get some different toys out and play with Ellie. Help Ellie practise standing, cruising or crawling, whatever she’s attempting to do that day.

2pm - Ellie’s nap time again. Sometimes this happens just after lunch and my afternoon swaps itself around. But while Ellie is sleeping, I’ll tidy up some more, see if there’s any more preparing or brainstorming I need to do that day for how to make the salon not only safe, but better for everyone when we re-open again. I also use this time to try to call or message any of my team, and any friends or relatives to check in and keep in touch.

3pm - Another bottle for Ellie about now. Then we have some time in garden if it’s nice outside. (I make a shade den for Ellie). Then we sing some more nursery rhymes and play. If the weather is bad that day, we just do it indoors.

4pm - Set Ellie up with some toys and start preparing dinner.

5pm - Watch the news conference. Have dinner. (At some point between 5:30pm and 6pm Chris gets in from work.)

6pm - Chris spends some time with Ellie and takes her upstairs for a bath and gets her ready for bed. I take 10 minutes to myself to check any messages I’ve missed throughout the day. Or talk to my dad, who owns the salon with me, if anything new has come up in the press conference that we need to talk about. Prepare bottle for Ellie and start clearing up after dinner.

7pm - Chris feeds Ellie her last bottle and takes her back upstairs to read a story and get her to bed. Meanwhile, I’m washing up, sterilising Ellie’s bottles and tidying any toys around.

8pm - Water the garden, make myself a hot chocolate and sit down to relax. We’ll either watch a film or play some online games with some relatives.

9pm - We’ll do this throughout the last couple of hours through the day.

10pm/11pm - Check any messages and then bed,