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Paula Bates took this pic in Godmanchester

Paula Bates took this pic in Godmanchester - Credit: Archant

“This whole sad situation of the problems with the exit in the Huntingdon Lidl has been caused by Huntingdon District Council’s planners”

Malcolm Lynn took this in his garden at Hilton

Malcolm Lynn took this in his garden at Hilton - Credit: Archant

Prior to the original approval of planning permissions by Lidl, I think everyone, except HDC planners, were able to envisage a major problem with building a store in this location.

That's where it all went wrong and time and time again we see examples of this type of narrow minded planning going on in our county.

Can someone please tell me what's wrong with all traffic exiting turning left? Anyone with any sense wouldn't attempt to turn right anyway.

Carry on wasting our money planners.

Mike Coles

Wood Walton

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We Just Keep Adding to Pollution

It beggars belief. The appalling fires in Australia and the self-started fires in the forests of Brazil in order to plant palm trees for palm oil extractions for profit.

Then we have the new habit of vaping like a chimney and the new year fireworks display in London all adding more smoke and pollution to the atmosphere.

Every year I have watched the London fireworks display on the television and would have thought by now they would have invented a display without the smoke. This year the mayor of London promised the best display and the most expensive which lived up to its expectations of the best display of smoke, which probably cost the most.

It all started well with the chimes of Big Ben and the flares perfectly synchronised. And then it all went up in smoke and I could not see the flares for the smoke or the wood for the trees.

In Sydney, they were also in a dilemma as to whether they should cancel their display as the visibility

was down to zero due to their raging runaway fires. But old habits die hard and the tradition prevailed and Sydney went ahead and held

their display adding more to their choking smoke.

We keep shouting about air pollution and yet keep adding to it, why?

Neville Lawyer

Rodney Road


What will happen to Council Tax?

I read with great interest about all the new houses to be built at Wintringham. I have lived at Wintringham for more than 65 years and some

more than me who know that Wintringham has been here since Doomsday.

Some people remember seeing the site being excavated in the late sixties and early seventies. Wintringham has only had one new house and one bungalow built in 1959 and 1964.

I ask whether we will have the same Council Tax and all the amenities the new development east of St Neots will bring?

Barry Loveridge


No Solar Panels on New Homes

We are very fortunate to be living in an area of economic growth and therefore massive housing expansion.

We are now surrounded by several wind farms all of which are assisting in reducing our emissions.I regularly drive towards

Cambridge and my heart sinks every time I pass Love's Farm as very few of the roofs have solar panels.

The same depression sets in as I drive past many of the new developments in Milton Keynes.

Wintringham Park is now under construction, could I please ask that we take a lead in reducing our emissions and do not allow any

properties on Wintringham Park without solar panels.

Russell Taylor

Great North Road

St Neots

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