With Year 6 pupils leaving primary education and potentially missing out on many of the celebrations which accompany this milestone, The Hunts Post wants to offer schools, students and parents the chance to commemorate through our newspaper and website.

This will take the form of photos and videos as well as messages and tributes from teachers. All information should include pupils’ name and the school name, which will be publish on a dedicated section of our website and also in the printed edition.

We are happy to receive photos of groups of friends, as long as those featured in the photo have permission to appear online and in print from a parent or carer. Submitted photos should be in Jpeg format and at least 0.5MB and emailed to: editor@huntspost.co.uk.

Videos should be no more than 20 seconds and emailed to the same email address.

We are also going to produce a Year Six Message Board, so send messages of 30 words and include name of pupil and the school they atted.

Let’s make this a year to remember for all those making the step up to secondary school 2020.