A group of volunteers are appealing for items that they can hand out to homeless people in Huntingdon this Christmas.

Karen Dunn, Lorraine Skinner, and Louise Chapman will be setting up a stall in Huntingdon’s Market Square on Christmas Eve and handing out food, clothing and other useful items to people sleeping rough in the town.

Together with a band of volunteers, the ladies have so far collected a small quantity of goods, but are on the look out for more donations to help the homeless over Christmas and into the new year.

Mrs Dunn said: “We are short of a few bits, like clothes, that we can hand out but we are happy to receive absolutely any supplies, or food that isn’t perishable.

“We will also be making up a bag if items for people so that they can have something on Christmas Day as well.”

Mrs Dunn said Tesco had agreed to donate items to the campaign, and other businesses had been approached for help.

She added: “There isn’t much in Huntingdon set up for homeless people on a permanent basis, so if this goes well and we get a good response, we may look to extend it into next year.”

If you have items you would like to donate to the campaign, you can contact Mrs Dunn via e-mail at karenstone1964@hotmail.com or search for Helping Huntingdon Homeless on Facebook.