This stunning display of two daleks - constructed entirely from lego - has caused a bit of a stir in Huntingdon High Street.

The window display at Oxfam in HuntingdonThe window display at Oxfam in Huntingdon

They were built by Oxfam volunteer Mike Addis, who also teaches part-time at Hinchingbrooke School, and are sitting in the window of the Oxfam bookshop.

Geoffrey Stalker, who manages the shop, said it took Mr Addis two months to build the daleks and a Tardis, which is in the window of the shop and they are to coincide with the new Dr Who series on television.

“People have been very excited by the whole thing and we have seen many more people coming into the shop and dropping off donations and traffic on our

Facebook page has also increased,” said Mr Stalker. “We believe the display is responsible for a 10 per cent increase in takings over the last couple of weeks.”

The daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants created by the scientist Davros of the planet Skaro to be an emotionless master race.