Leeds Day encourages HR business health check

Rebecca Ryan from Leeds Day encourages businesses to have regular health checks.. 

Rebecca Ryan from Leeds Day encourages businesses to run a regular health check. - Credit: Leeds Day

Rebecca Ryan, employment solicitor at local law firm Leeds Day LLP, stresses the importance for businesses to have regular HR health checks.  

From the aftermath of the Covid pandemic lockdowns, Rebecca stresses that now is the perfect time for businesses to re-evaluate their HR needs. 

Rebecca said: “Post Covid crisis we look at how businesses are taking stock and re-evaluating their needs, both in the short and long term. 

“Staffing needs and possible recruitment are a big issue in certain sectors.  

“Since things have opened up, we have seen a lot of movement in some sections of the employment market.  

“Some industries are really struggling to recruit and competing for the best talent out there.” 

Rebecca said: “This is the time for businesses to think creatively about how they can attract and retain the best talent.” 

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Rebecca posed the question of what businesses are looking to do to put themselves at the forefront of the recruitment market.  

Rebecca said: “For many, flexible working was often a benefit in itself whereas now it is expected in many sectors so potential employees will be looking and not just whether it’s offered but who is doing it best and most effectively.” 

Rebecca stressed the importance of effective management and HR systems and policies to really make flexible working work for all. 

Rebecca said: “Sadly, on the other hand, you also have businesses that are struggling and looking at redundancies, because their business has just gone flat.  

“Redundancy is always a difficult process for employers and employees alike and so we work to help businesses get it right and limit their potential liability.  

“We also work with them from the outset to assess their business needs to see if redundancy is necessary or if there is another way, for example restructure parts of the business etc.” 

What about the future? If Covid has taught us anything it is fragility (and robustness) and so Rebecca stressed “proofing your business against future is vital.” 

She challenged businesses to consider not just how they have adapted and coped over the last 18 months or so but to consider what they have learnt to take their business forward. 

Rebecca stressed she is always happy to speak to businesses and individuals alike about how she can work with them as they undertake this importance process.