Laura’s partner: ‘Whirlwind romance turned into nightmare due to illness’

WAYNE Cooper met Laura Baxter on the Internet as she was recovering from her first surgery two years ago.

Laura quickly asked Wayne to meet her for a drink in the Golden Lion, in St Ives, for their first date.

“We met for a drink, and we were still there five hours later,” he told The Hunts Post. “We just got on so well, as we had so much in common - music, arts, animals.

“I only knew her for two years, but because of everything I feel I’ve known her all my life. It was a whirlwind relationship to start but it turned into a nightmare in the end with her illness.

“Laura was very kind hearted, she was amazing and gorgeous as a person, and that’s why I fell for her. Within days we were talking about moving in, getting married and children.

“She loved animals, and loved Wood Green - that was her favourite - we would go there and she would class it as a date. She would see the animals in trouble and want to have them to look after them.

“We were still planning for the future, we thought it all was over now we had the money, and were planning on getting married and adopting children.

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“Laura even planned to have horses. a bearded dragon and tortoises when she came out, she wanted to live on a farm really.

“We kept moving from home from home when she was ill, we were basically homeless, but then we moved back in with her friend after her operation in June who we stayed with originally and thought it was the start again for us but then she got ill again.

“We never even thought about her dying, we were planning on getting married and adopting children, which we had put on hold when she was ill.”

The couple had two dogs a bulldog puppy Angus, a Jack Russell Ladybird, and three cats Pandora, Posh Paws and Mr Kinks.

Wayne added: “She was very good at art and last Christmas she built a snow dog which was so lifelike Angus thought was real and he would bark at it from inside. We had to knock it down in the end because Angus wouldn’t go out in the garden.”