Shock as huge amount of litter found at Fenstanton riverside

Litter in Fenstanton today

Litter in Fenstanton today PICTURE: Martyn Bateman - Credit: Martyn Bateman

A Fenstanton resident was shocked to discover a huge amount of litter dumped near the riverside.

The fly tipping included two seats, a telephone, beer bottles and broken glass.

The person who spotted the rubbish has livestock which grazes in the field and is concerned that the large amount of litter is harmful to the livestock.

She said: “This is a picture of the rubbish that I have collected from the field over the last two weeks. The rubbish that has been left in the field recently has included a smoke grenade.

“Today, in addition to the usual beer bottles, bottle tops and broken glass, there were two seats and a desk type telephone.

“All of this is not just anti-social it is starting to cause harm to the livestock and is a risk to those people and pets using the footpath.

“If you see or know anyone that leaves rubbish behind, please ask them to take it home – it helps to keep our local area safe.