Kimbolton School pupils welcomed two special four-pawed guests to the classroom for the school’s Deaf Awareness Day on June 21.

Working 'hearing dog' Rosie, who lives with Year 9 pupil Oscar Williamson and his family, was joined at the event by puppy-in-training Orion and volunteers from the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

While pupils got to know Rosie and Orion, Hearing Dogs' volunteer Deborah Maloney explained how the clever canines really can be man's best friend.

She said: "Puppies like Orion go through many months of training and assessment before they are carefully matched with a deaf person. Our hearing dogs are capable of alerting deaf people in different ways to a variety of household sounds and danger signals, such as a smoke alarm."

The Deaf Awareness Day event also included a cake sale for Hearing Dogs, an opportunity to learn simple British sign language, and a lip-reading quiz on the school intranet.