Post pandemic Keyston is stronger than ever

Keyston is a pretty village with lots of interesting history. 

Keyston is a pretty village with lots of interesting history. - Credit: HUNTS POST

Keyston is a small village on the outskirts of Huntingdon that has lots of facilities, including a church and a community hall.  

During the pandemic, villagers pulled together to support one another and the belief is they are now stronger than ever.

Andrew Ford, Chairman of Bythorn and Keyston Parish Council said: “We have a village What’s App group that was set up in response to the pandemic.  

“That has been very successful in terms of prescriptions, collections, food and disposal of second hand furniture, that kind of thing. 

"Keyston is a beautiful village to live in we are emerging from lockdown as a stronger and more vibrant society."

Andrew mentioned an event that is coming up in Keyston's St.John the Baptist Church called Bats in Churches. 

Andrew said: “The church has suffered with a lot of bats over the years and they have caused a lot of damage over the years. 

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"An event called Bats in Churches will be held on August 18 and the organisation will come to do surveys and as part of that process an ecologist will also hold an walk and talk evening, explaining all about bats and the different species. 

Andrew says the village pub, The Pheasant, is a central part of village life. 

The Pheasant at Keyston.

The Pheasant at Keyston. - Credit: HUNTS POST

“The pub was closed for a year but now has new tenants Martin and Zoe Russell.” 

Lynn Johnston, a resident from Keyston, was heavily involved with Covid caring throughout the pandemic.  

Lynn said: “Before the WhatsApp group was formed I did not know many of my fellow villagers, but the group has kept us going through the highs and lows.  

“We coordinated the clap for carers through it, as well as prescription collections, and in the first lockdown shared details of local delivery companies, tradesmen etc- the nearest local shops are in Raunds! 

“There is a strong culture of sharing and helping each other out.

The village of Keyston has a strong community spirit.

The village of Keyston has a strong community spirit. - Credit: HUNTS POST

"Many villagers have productive gardens and we used the local telephone box (as it is no longer in use) as a place to allow people to help themselves to any excess cooking apples, plums, courgettes etc. 

“In June we held the annual Keyston litter pick, coordinated by Cliff Spink, one of the parish councillors. 

"We also have an active village hall committee who are busy planning events for when we do reopen in September. Previous events have been a village BBQ and a quiz night."