Keep your animal on a lead or we’ll report you – Little Paxton warns dog owners

dog ready to take a walk

dog ready to take a walk - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dog walkers in Little Paxton have been warned to stop breaking the rules by letting their pets off leads on the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field.

The parish council said people are still contravening the Dog Control Order in force on the field, despite the notices at all entrances stating that all dogs must be kept on their leads.

The council said the main culprits are adults and added that some owners fail to clear up after their animals, breaking the law and risking a fine.

Councillor Stan Codling said: “Polite notices have been published to little avail. The council urges dog walkers to respect the dog control order and dog fouling law so that all may fully enjoy the playing field.”

The council has requested increased patrols by Huntingdonshire District Council’s dog warden and police, and said it will report anyone seen in breach of regulations.