Keep off the tracks plea after cyclist injured on guided busway

Walkers and cyclists are being urged to keep away from the busway tracks after a cyclist suffered serious leg injuries in a crash with a guided bus.

The accident happened at 9.53am at Park Lane between Histon and Oakington.

Andy Campbell, general manager of Stagecoach Cambridgeshire, said the bus was travelling away from Histon when the accident happened.

“We were carrying out driver training,” he said. “There were two drivers - one behind the wheel and one watching what was going on - and an instructor.

“At the junction of Park Lane they noticed a cyclist on the tracks. Clearly he should not have been there.

“The driver blew the horn on three occasions. The cyclist got off the bike. As he did that he put his foot on the concrete kerb but his foot slipped and he fell in front of the vehicle. The driver had slowed down to 5-10 mph by then.”

Police said the cyclist, who was taken to Addenbrook’s Hospital, suffered “serious but not life-threatening” injuries.

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Cyclists and walkers have been using the tracks for much of the past two years while the project was under construction.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council said it had put up signs at all entrances to the busway warning people it was no longer safe to walk or cycle along the tracks. He said the contractors had also put up additional signs.

He said: “The entire route, including the cycleway next to the track area, is now a construction site where work is going on and drivers are being trained on guided buses.

“As we have been constantly reminding residents, no one should be on any part of the route until The Busway opens on Sunday 7 August.”

However, between Swavesey and St Ives, a section of the cycleway will not be open to use on August 7 because it is at a lower level and prone to flooding in the winter. It will be raised and resurfaced through the autumn before being available for public use.”