Christmas kayaking down the High Street in Fen Drayton!

Christmas kayaking down the High Street in Fen Drayton

Christmas kayaking down the High Street in Fen Drayton! - Credit: Michael Rattigan

Two men, celebrate Christmas Day, by kayaking down a flooded Fen Drayton, High Street. 

Many residents, on Christmas Day, December 25, woke up in Fen Drayton to see the heart of the village flooded. 

It was part of a widespread flooding which happened across Huntingdonshire from December 23. 

Places such as St Ives, Alconbury, St Neots, Ramsey, Huntingdon and Fen Drayton were all badly affected. 

Fen Drayton residents Finlay Pawson and Kai Pawson decided to  take advantage of the water and took their Kayak out, on the flooded High Street of Fen Drayton. 

The pair can be seen paddling past The Three Tuns Pub and past many houses, which have sandbags up against their doors to stop water coming in.  

The flooding is still present in the village, which has caused a lot of disruption for residents.  

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