Jury in Kai Nazir trial shown knife and doctor tells how he attempted CPR on Chris West

Cambridge Crown Court

Cambridge Crown Court - Credit: Archant

The jury in the Chris West murder trial were shown the knife used to inflict his fatal injuries.

On the fifth day of the hearing, at Cambridge Crown Court, jurors were able to see the small black lock knife.

Detective Inspector Lucy Thomson of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crimes Unit, is the senior detective in the case and she demonstrated the opening and closing mechanism of the knife and told jurors it did not lock when it was closed.

The jury also watched mobile phone footage from the mobile phone of Mr West’s wife, Rebecca.

The four minutes of Snapchat recording, which were taken over the course of the evening, showed Chris West on the dance floor and other people dancing and singing and posing for the camera.

Nazir is seen twice, walking to and from the pool table, and the final screen shot showed Mr Berryman lifting up his shirt to show he had been injured.

Police Constable Stuart Austin also gave evidence and said when he arrived at the scene, Mr West was on the ground outside the front of the pub and a man in a maroon top was sitting on top of Nazir to restrain him. He said: “I approached him [Nazir] and placed him in handcuffs and arrested him.”

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He told the court that he attempted to get Nazir to stand, but his eyes rolled back in his head and he became unconscious and at one point he vomited. He said one of the door staff at the pub handed him the knife which had been wrapped in a latex glove.

Earlier in the hearing, the prosecution read a statement from orthopaedic registrar, Anand Patel, who was having a drink in the Monkfield Arms pub on the night of October 27 last year.

He was approached by bar staff who told him a male had been stabbed. He said the man [Mr Berryman] seemed unfazed by his injuries. He said Mr Berryman was talkative and appeared stable and as he was examining the wound he was told a second stabbing had taken place outside.

Mr Patel went outside and saw Mr West slumped on the floor. He lifted up his clothing and realised there were several stab wounds and he suspected Mr West was bleeding internally. He turned him over and noted there were more stab wounds and he attempted to clear his airway.

Angela Rafferty, QC, for the prosecution, read the statement in which Mr Patel explained that Mr West had no pulse and so he began chest compressions, but was unable to revive him.

The last witness of the day was Detective Constable Denise Brown who told the court Nazir spent most of the night of October 28 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He was taken to Parkside Police Station, after he was considered “fit to be detained” which allowed police to interview him.

Det Cons Brown said Nazir had a black eye and seemed to have some pain in his wrist. She asked Nazir about a remark he had made while in custody about “pinning this on my mental health issues”. He told her: “no comment”.

The prosecution case is expected to finish on Wednesday and then the jury will hear the defence.

Kai Nazir, 20, of The Crescent, in St Neots, is charged with the murder of Chris West, the attempted murder or an alternative charge of grievous bodily harm with intent in relation to Mr Berryman and having a bladed article, all of which he denies.

The case continues.