Jean's Fenstanton fundraising stall raises thousands of pounds

Jean Ding outside her home in Fenstanton.

Jean Ding outside her home in Fenstanton. - Credit: JEAN DING

When Jean Ding’s regular charity stall at the United Reformed Church in Fenstanton was hit by the coronavirus lockdown she decided to move it to outside her home in the village - raising a staggering £3,200 in the last year.

“I am very pleased and I have now supported something like 16 or 17 charities,” said Jean, who never expected the stall to take off in the way it had.

“I have also met some lovely, lovely people,” she told The Hunts Post.

Jean, of Bell Lane, sells on books, jigsaws and other items donated to her, together with plants when in season.

“I used to put the stall out at the United Reformed Church once a month but it had to close when the lockdown came last March, so I decided to put outside my house to see what would happen and now I have raised £3,200.

“I cover what I would have raised for the church with the stall and then the rest goes to other charities. The plants will soon be up and running.”