Couple plan concert to celebrate 60 years of marriage

Jean and Joe on their wedding day on August 1959

Jean and Joe on their wedding day on August 1959 - Credit: Archant

Marching bands, singing in choirs, and travelling the world are just a handful of things that Jean and Joe Wallace have enjoyed together during their 60 years of marriage.

Jean and Joe in their home in St Neots

Jean and Joe in their home in St Neots - Credit: Archant

The pair, who live in Eynesbury, say the secret to a long marriage is "friendship" and "understanding each other".

Married at Uxbridge Methodist Church, they have spent their lives visiting different places, with Jean spending her 80th birthday travelling the world. They now live in St Neots to be close to family and friends.

Jean met Joe in London when he was in the Central Band Royal Air Force as a trombone player aged 22 and she was singing in the choir aged 20.

At the time, Jean, now 82, was studying at the National Training College for Domestic Sciences in London, and was invited out on a date with Joe after he attended a concert she was singing at.

Jean and Joe in their home in St Neots

Jean and Joe in their home in St Neots - Credit: Archant

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Joe, 84, spent 20 years in the RAF, during which time he asked Jean to marry him. They were wed on August 1, 1959. Joe went on to work as a music teacher, and then as a civil servant.

Jean said: "We had a big wedding. We had saved up some money and decided to use that for our big day."

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With four bridesmaids, the pair married at Uxbridge and then held a wedding reception at the Salvation Army Hall across the road, where 150 guests attended, with Jean even providing the catering.

"We were off on our honeymoon to the Lake District when we realised that we would have to drive through the night to get there. So we decided to stop at the Cromwell Hotel in Stevenage for the night," Joe explained.

A year after the pair were married, they welcomed their first son, Duncan, who is now 59. A few years after that they had Stewart, who is now 55.

They also have seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

When asked about the secret to a great marriage, Jean said: "I think we just get on well together. We are the best of friends."

The duo will be celebrating their anniversary with a concert, with their granddaughter Juliet Wallace, performing. The Diamond Concert will be held on August 3 at 6.30pm at the Methodist church in Eynesbury and anyone is welcome to attend.

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