Bourn Hall IVF clinic offering patients virtual consultations as part of lock-down easing

Bourn Hall Fertiity Clinic and the CEO of Bourn Hall Dr Mike Macnamee

Bourn Hall Fertiity Clinic and the CEO of Bourn Hall Dr Mike Macnamee - Credit: Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic

“Putting IVF treatment on hold has been devastating for patients” says fertility clinic.

Bourn Hall clinic is now offering IVF patients virtual consultations to fast-track access to treatment.

In line with Government advice, all new fertility treatments were halted in March due to the cornonavirus outbreak.

Bourn Hall chief Executive Dr Mike Macnamee has said putting IVF treatment on hold has been “devastating for patients and staff”.

The Government now says clinics with a “sound treatment commencement strategy can apply to reopen.

Dr Macnamee said: “If you have results from previous fertility investigations that suggest you need IVF treatment then we are offering online consultations immediately with one of our specialist fertility doctors.

“Our consultant will discuss your results, talk through your treatment options and prepare a personalised treatment plan.” Dr Macnamee also explained that it was a distressing time for patients when the lock-down began.

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“The lock-down guidelines for clinics were introduced overnight and the implications for each patient were different depending on their stage of treatment.

“This period has been very distressing; particularly for those in their late thirties and above where time is very precious.

“One piece of comfort is that where patients were able to proceed with egg collection and had all their embryos frozen this will not have been detrimental to their treatment outcome, as frozen and fresh embryos have an equal chance of success in creating a baby.”

Bourn Hall has been working on a plan, including the use of PPE to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

This strategy will have to be approved by the Government’s fertility regulator (the HFEA).

The clinic is introducing virtual consultations with a fertility doctor, using a secure online clinical consulting room to fast-track treatment when it is available.

Dr Mike Macnamee further added: “Time is critical in fertility treatment.”