A pair of intrepid fundraisers are preparing to drive across Europe in a tuk tuk, which reaches a maximum speed of about 40 miles per hour.

Paul Dyer, the landlord of The Exhibition pub, in Godmanchester, and Phillip Malley, a partner at Gatehouse Estates, also in Godmanchester, have taken on a number of challenges over the years, including a trek to Mount Everest base camp and a 1,00km trek across the Sahara Desert.

Next up is the 'To Tossa in a Tuk Tuk' challenge, which will be a mammoth 1,000-mile drive from Godmanchester to Tossa de Mar, in Spain.

The friends decided to embark on the unusual challenge after completing their desert challenge in 2015, which raised £4,000.

Mr Malley said: "Like all these great challenges we were knocking back a beer after we made it to Kathmandu and we read about a group that had driven a tuk tuk from Blackpool to Benidorm and thought we could do something like that.

"It is all for Macmillan which is a great cause but we can blame beer for the idea."

The pair then set out to find a tuk tuk and decided to travel to the Tuk Shop, in Hampshire, to find their perfect ride.

"It has taken a lot of years in the planning and we are now getting used to driving it," Mr Malley added.

To prepare themselves for the journey, Mr Malley and Mr Dyer have been taking out the 200cc Paiggio Ape City vehicle on the roads around Huntingdon and Godmanchester.

Mr Malley said: "It will take us around three to four days of pretty hard driving as it only does 40mph [to complete the challenge] and we aren't allowed to take the motorway so we will be using all of the back roads."

They will be accompanied by Mr Dyer's nephews Charlie and Billy Risley, who will act as a support team.

To make the tuk tuk stand out even more, drinks company Redbull has decked it out in its logo, and it is hoped that it will help the vehicle sell for a higher price after the challenge.

To sponsor the friends on their journey, go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tossa