International Women’s Day: A celebration of bright, brave and brilliant women in Huntingdonshire

Readers nominate the more inspirational people they know to celebrate the day.

Readers nominate the more inspirational people they know to celebrate the day. - Credit: Archant

Readers nominated people who they think are “inspirational” as part of International Women’s Day.

On Sunday March 8, it was International Women's Day and we asked our readers to send in nominations of women they admire.

The first photo was sent in by Trisch Devlin of herself and her daughter on her wedding day, Kat Tilley from Great Paxton.

Miss Devlin said: "Kat is such an inspiration to me and to others, she balances her life so well, running her own business with passion and feeling.

"She is the most amazing mum to her two children and a fantastic wife to her husband Chris.

"She is a tower of strength to me and all her friends, she always has a smile for everyone and I love her to bits."

Nicola Williams sent in a picture of Andrea Gaynor from AG Fitness & Health based in St Ives.

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Miss Williams said: "She is not just our fitness instructor she's created a tribe of women, a community who have each other's back, support each other in everything.

"She believes in every single one of us and she's made a positive impact on so many lives and I'm so glad she's a friend of mine."

Amanda Ritchie has nominated her work colleague and friend Katie Ridley.

Amanda said: "She is amazing, she always has time for others even if she has her own work/stuff going on.

"She inspires me to get up in the mornings, to 'put my face on' and smile at the world when I don't feel like smiling."

Frankie Stephens sent in a picture of her Nanny Diane Polley describing her as "amazing."

Frankie said: "Diane has completed 20 years of fundraising to support those living with cancer and nursing her first and second husband through the cruel disease, the second whilst recovering from breast cancer herself.

"She is an inspiration and the strongest of women."

Melissa Long has nominated her "beautiful" mum Tracy Davenport.

Melissa said: "She is the most inspirational woman in my life, she is so hardworking and has always pushed me to be the best I can be.

"She has always put her family first and is the most amazing nanny to my little boy Ethan."

Sheena Robinson has nominated her "beautiful strong and brave" mother in law Linda Witherspoon.

Miss Robinson said "She sadly left us this week.

"She was an amazing woman, so full of love and support for her family, I will miss my best friend and the fun times."

Emily Wright has nominated her "wonderful mum" Sue Johns.

Emily Wright said: "Since the start of the year she's spent a fair amount of time in hospital, but is still smiling, still making us laugh and just been an inspiration to everyone."

Sandra Holton has nominated her mother Joan Parker who is a survivor of three strokes!

Miss Holton, describing her in the picture, said: "Here she is with her latest, 24th great grandchild!

"As strong, independent, courageous, strong and oh so happy, she has so much love and pride for her."

Kerri Anne has nominated her mum Janet Collins, Kerri Anne said: "She has faced a lot of adversity in her life but she never stops smiling and putting others first.

"She has devoted a lot of her time since her Mum died 30 years ago to supporting cancer research UK doing money collections and helping at race for life.

"She is the best Mum and Nana to my little boy and she deserves the world!"

Jasmine Tingey has nominated three ladies from St Neots, her mum Sandra, her Nan Joan and Auntie Sonia.

Mrs Tingey said: "My Nan had a triple stroke over 2 years ago, which lead to her losing her speech and has a right side weakness.

"She was a very proud independent woman and although she lost of lot of that she has never lost her pride, sense of humour, her charm or character, she's stayed 100% positive.

"I think it's down to her daughters (my mum and auntie) as well as running their own lives they divide their time to support and care for Nan.

"They do everything from cooking to cleaning, gardening to shopping, finances and bills, I have so much love and respect for all 3 of them."

Councillor of Huntingdonshire District Council, Patrick Kadewere has nominated "the most inspirational woman" he has "the honour to call a dear friend", Councillor Ann Beevor.

Mr Kadewere said: "Despite being in her 80s, Ann is still working hard in the community as a Councillor, a trustee to the commemoration hall, trustee to shop mobility, an outgoing trustee to freemen's trust and most notably one of the founding members and treasurer to Huntingdonshire Community Group.

"Ann never stops working for others around her and is the most deserving person I know of this recognition."

Tracy Davenport has nominated her daughter Melissa Long.

Tracy said: "She is an amazing mummy to her son Ethan and always takes care of others before herself."

Amanda Jayne has nominated the Hunts Community Cancer Network oncology nursing team at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, she describes them as "the best team of women in the area!"

Karen Brine has nominated the Girlguiding Alconbury volunteer leaders, who she said is "inspiring each other and inspiring girls."

Katie Ridley has nominated her mum, Michaela Ridley, Katie said: "Through everything she has lifted and inspired me to be the woman I am today.

"She always puts everyone else's needs before hers and she is always there for me when I need her.

"Not only that but she is an Iron woman triathlete, which takes incredible mental and physical strength and just shows you that if you want something you can achieve it."