Inquest into the death of politician Lord Toby Jug opened

Lord Toby Jugg in his coat with Borris Johnson

Lord Toby Jugg in his coat with Borris Johnson - Credit: Archant

An inquest into the death of well-loved politician Lord Toby Jug has been opened.

Lord Toby Jugg in the coat which he left on the train

Lord Toby Jugg in the coat which he left on the train - Credit: Archant

Lord Jug, who was born Brian Borthwick but changed his name via deed poll, died on May 2, aged 53.

As a veteran of the political circuit, he stood against politicians such as Boris Johnson in general elections over the years, and was the leader of the Eccentric Party of Great Britain.

An inquest into Lord Jug's death was opened on August 16 at Lawrence Court, in Huntingdon, by senior coroner David Heming.

Mr Heming confirmed Lord Jug's name, age and address, and said that his cause of death was unascertained, pending further investigation.

The hearing was adjourned and will be re-opened for a full hearing at a later date.

Lord Jug made the headlines in March when he launched an appeal to find his lucky leopard skin jacket which he had left on a train. The jacket had been given to him by the late founder of the Monster Raving Loony Party, Screaming Lord Sutch, in 1997.

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Lord Jug played guitar in Screaming Lord Sutch's band and was a leading light in the party after the death of his mentor.

Lord Jug himself was the former leader of the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire branch of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, serving as the party's media officer and a prospective parliamentary candidate, until being expelled from the party in 2014.

In his typical flamboyant style, he said he planned to introduce laws giving all criminals gallstones until they were good; spoons should be demonised to make them cool to deter knife crime and young people would be required to read a book for every 10 selfies they took

Tributes were made to the politician saying "Politics were brightened by him".

Ste Greenall said: "Huntingdonshire politics were brightened by him. On one occasion in the 2010 elections, he'd just lost again. But he never lost his sense of fun and good humour. I'm sure he'd been splitting his sides at passing away on election day, but far too soon. Thanks for the memories, Lord Toby. Monster Raving Loony par excellence. You will be missed greatly."

A second tribute from Andrew Simpson read: "Sad day as my political mentor and the leader of the Eccentric Party of Great Britain, which I'm a proud member of, has sadly died. RIP Lord Toby Jug, bless you mate."