Local business believed to have made a breakthrough in digital pathology

Christopher Evagora, Founder and Laboratory Manager

Christopher Evagora, Founder and Laboratory Manager - Credit: Archant

The Huntingdon based business has been given a renowned accreditation regarding their work in digital pathology.

Alec Hirst, Founder and programme director

Alec Hirst, Founder and programme director - Credit: Archant

Pathognomics, who are based in Halcyon Court, is a histopathology laboratory that is run by two locals Alec Hirst and Christopher Evagora.

UKAS provides accreditation to the internationally recognised standard ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories for it’s quality and competence.

Alec, who lives in Godmanchester, said:” We designed this system due to there being so many different problems in the pathology profession.

“There aren’t enough pathologists in the UK or anywhere in the world due to it being an awkward profession because you need so many different levels of qualifications. It takes years to become a pathologist and its not a career that young doctors and medical professionals want to go into

Alec Hirst, Founder and programme director

Alec Hirst, Founder and programme director - Credit: Archant

“The downside is that it’s not just something that happens, it’s a key link in every treatment, particularly cancer, so without this you can’t diagnose the person or the severity of it.

Christopher and Alec set up the business in 2016, after having wanting to work together for a while.

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They are already providing service to many NHS trusts as well a Smilekind, a private dentist.

The aim of Pathognomics is for doctors to be able to log straight into the system and see patient results quickly, instead of having to wait weeks for results.

Alec said: “If you ask anyone what they think pathology is they will say that it is dead people, because you want to find out why someone has died. But in this sense we want to find out why someone is ill and the only way of doing it is to look at the tissue,

“There are technologies that come out there like CT scans, but without doing the biopsy, and cutting the cancer out of someone, what you need to know is, is it the right cancer, and if you have breast cancer in your liver you have a problem, because it has moved.

“So our system improves all of the problems. The difference between what we are doing and what everyone else is doing is people are selling all the equipment, but they don’t sell the software. So it’s like being sold a car but not being able to drive.

“So what we have done is designed the whole work flow and integration into the laboratory.

“But we are the first to have our work ISO accredited, it’s a quality management system, we are the first to have it under what is classed as 158189 which is the accreditation for the laboratory, what that means is that we have been signed off by an independent auditor that our process meets all the quality controls.

“It just feels really great to have been recognised already for what we are doing, and hopefully we can help move forward.”

Find out more about their work visit: http://pathognomics.com/