Hunts Post readers tell us what lock-down restrictions should be in place this Christmas?

The Hunts Post asked readers in a Facebook poll what Coronavirus restrictions they think should be in place this Christmas.

The UK is currently in a second lockdown, which is set to last at least until December 2, due to Coronavirus cases rising again in the UK.

Scientists are advising the Government that people mixing from different households during the Christmas period poses “substantial risks” particularly for older people who are more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Hunts Post readers have shared their thoughts on what restrictions should be in place this Christmas.

The majority of readers believe people’s lives and health comes first, one reader Rachael Allen said: “I think our health comes first before Christmas and I do not want to jeopardise that or my families by one day.”

Another reader Rachael Griffin said: “Whatever is needed to get the R number down. Short-term pain for long-term gain hopefully.”

Rose Townsend said: “We need a full lockdown until this virus goes down and the vaccines are done Government support for everyone not just some then when life gets back to normal we can decide what’s best as too many have died and many more if we don’t contain this now.”

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Sue Pickard said: “Sorry but ‘lockdown’. We need to stop this virus. The vaccine won’t have great effect till May/June. Hospitals are filling up so fast.”

Some readers have expressed that there should not be restrictions in place this Christmas but should still take precautions, such as wearing masks,

Alex Diram, when asked if there should be restrictions, said: “None. Keep the mask for shopping etc, and get things back to normal as soon as possible.”

Darren Fox said: “Wear a mask keep your distance wash your hands open the country back up.”

On December 2, the three-tier system is expected to be reintroduced but cabinet member Michael Gove said that the national lockdown could be extended depending on infection rates.

One reader believes it’s better to be safe then be sorry, Terry Small said: “Even if lock down is extended, at least we are not fighting for life and our family are safe.”