One photo mystery solved...but can you help us with another?

A flood in West Street in St Ives in 1912.

A flood in West Street in St Ives in 1912. - Credit: Archant

The photograph we published last week was taken in St Neots, as most of our readers identified, and we believe it was possibly between 1956 and 1960, according to the feedback we have received.

Readers correctly identified that this photo was taken in St Neots.

Readers correctly identified that this photo was taken in St Neots. - Credit: Archant

We have a new photograph this week, which was sent in by Chris Reed, and we know it was taken in West Street at the corner of Globe Place, in St Ives, in 1912, but it would be nice to know who the children are and whether anyone has any more information about the flood.

Regarding last week's photo, Dave Jarrett, from the St Neots Local History Society and Community Archive Group, said: "To the left of the photo is the Cross Keys Hotel. Most of the other buildings have been replaced or at least re-faced. To compare with the current shops, Boots has been replaced by Lloyds Bank, R.E. Cage by M&Co, and Woolworths by Iceland.

"To the very far left by the telephone box in the Market Square you can just see the base of the Day Column.

"The date of the photograph is between 1956 (when the Audax design Hillman Minx was introduced) and 1959 (when the Cadge shop was rebuilt).

Wendy Chappell added: "I think the photo was taken in the late forties or early fifties - some of the cars have number plates consisting of three letters and three numbers."

Roger King said: "I worked in the dental surgery in St Neots from 1978-82. Judging by the cars (my specialist area), I'd say the photo was taken around 1957-60."

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Stuart Judd added: "In terms of date, it can't be before 1956 (the year the Morris Minors and Hillman Minx in the picture first appeared) and before Boots had its front renewed in the sixties. My guess is around 1960-61."

Mark Jones e-mailed to say: "I would say the photo is mid 1950s (say 1955 to 1960 but not further)

Car number plates are pre 1963 and some cars look late forties or early fifties."

Barry Dickerson shared his memories "I used to buy many of my clothes from Cadges and my mother used Baxters the butchers and Boots. My wife's cousin worked at Woolworths.

"I think some of the roof line still exists. I think the photograph was taken around 1960. There is a split screen Morris Minor in the picture and these were manufactured from 1948 to 1956."