Letter of the Week: 'No co-ordination on lights in Walden Road, Huntingdon

You can write to the Editor at: editor@huntspost.co.uk with your views.

You can write to the Editor at: editor@huntspost.co.uk with your views. - Credit: HUNTS POST

Many column inches have been aired in respect of the Pathfinder Link Road and its junction with Walden Road.

Has any consideration been given to the safety of the light controlled pedestrian crossing, some 50 metres to the north?

It would appear that there is no co-ordination of the crossing signals with those of the Link Road junction.

The attention of many drivers, could well be more occupied with cross-lane manoeuvring instead of paying attention to the status of the pedestrian crossing.

Ideally the lights should be sequenced so there is no traffic in Walden Road between the Link Road junction and the pedestrian crossing when the crossing is being used.

If that is too simple then I would suggest that lane changing in Walden Road south of the crossing could be discouraged by the application of double white line road markings or solid barrier.

Chances or odds, with pedestrian safety, should be taken out of the equation, when the elapsed journey time from junction to crossing from a standing start is just a few seconds.

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Where is the drivers attention, lane change or crossing?

David Osborn

Desborough Road Hartford

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