Hunts Post Letter of the Week: Why the anti-vaccine stance?

Hunts Post Letter of the Week, but what do you think?

Hunts Post Letter of the Week, but what do you think? - Credit: HUNTS POST

Rates of Coronavirus infection have been rising so I was taken aback by the firm anti vaccination stance taken by some Hunts Post readers surveyed.

Of course, vaccines do not prevent transmission, they teach our bodies to weaken the effects of a virus. That’s why we no longer have smallpox vaccination- it worked.

I am amazed by the caution exercised towards tested and authorised Covid vaccines which are incapable of infecting anyone!

Vaccination for Coronavirus involves giving an injection of bits of the coating of a Covid virus which have been de- natured. They give us a test run for our immune system so we recognise and kill the live virus and it has lower level effects.

Anyone who has had a polio or cholera vaccination, or had a BCG as a teenager, had an injection of live virus and I don’t remember anyone declining it!

Of course, we have choice, but choice comes with consequences. By not vaccinating,  you increase risk of ongoing infection and may limit unvaccinated people’s future freedoms of movement and access to facilities.

The vaccines have fewer side effects than most medicines we take every day - paracetamol, contraceptives or indigestion medicines.

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Vaccination is our only way to weaken Coronavirus so we must all act now!

Karen Webb