LETTER OF THE WEEK: Speed limit needed now to protect the public

Letter of the week in The Hunts Post

Letter of the week in The Hunts Post - Credit: Archant

I read the report in last week’s Hunts Post concerning the latest fatal accident at Wheatsheaf Crossroads on the B1040 and was left with a feeling of despair.

Right, the press had noted it, but a year on from the other fatalities at that spot nothing seems to have changed. Has there been any comment from the PCC, the police, politicians, Huntingdonshire District Council, or the parish councils of Bluntisham and Woodhurst?

I am only aware of ex-councillor Colin Saunderson taking his cleaning materials along and washing the existing signs near the crossroads so that they can be read more easily! It would seem that there are ‘discussions’ somewhere about doing ‘something’ at ‘some time’, but nothing has materialised.

Whether the plan is for a roundabout, traffic lights or staggered junction, if there are to be alterations to the road(s), then a speed limit will be required to protect the workers in the highway. Also, a speed limit was put in place whilst pipes were laid along the B1040 to protect.

That being so, why can’t we have a speed limit now to protect the public? Surely the police would not object to such a move, would they?

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