The Hunts Post says ‘thank you’ to the doctors, nurses, carers, shop assistants and key staff who are working during the coronavirus pandemic.

More Hunts Post HeroesMore Hunts Post Heroes

This is the second of our Hunts Post Heroes. We want to pay tribute to the selfless individuals out there who are facing the coronaviurs head-on.

The doctors, the nurses, the social care staff, the bin men, the teachers, the shop assistants and anyone else who is putting themselves at risk to ensure the rest of us can stay at home and be safe.

We can’t imagine how difficult that is, especially for those with children, elderly relatives and family members who rely on them.

We want to recognise your selfless actions and say thank you.

More of our Hunts Post HeroesMore of our Hunts Post Heroes

All of these photos have been provided. If you are a key worker or you would like to nominate someone, send a head and shoulders photograph to Editor Debbie Davies via email at:

Staff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital before social distancingStaff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital before social distancing

Care staff and NHS workers who are on the frontline.Care staff and NHS workers who are on the frontline.