Protest, politics and floods - your thoughts on stories from the past week

Hunts Post readers share their views on the latest stories from our Facebook page.

Hunts Post readers share their views on the latest stories from our Facebook page. - Credit: Cambs FRS, Terry Harris and Ben Pitt

It’s been an emotional week in Huntingdonshire – from England’s Euro 2020 defeat to an animal welfare protest and a by-election. 

On Facebook our readers were keen to share their views on the latest stories from across the patch. 

On Friday, a group of animal welfare campaigners protested outside of a puppy breeding facility in Huntingdon. 

Readers suggested that more money should be invested into other testing methods while some thought the site had been closed down several years ago. 

One reader commented: “Surely in 2021 with the technology we have in the world for so many things, this testing is not necessary regardless of the way they are treated here.” 

Another added: “Testing on animals is not a nice thought but until you’ve witnessed with your own eyes what’s behind those doors, you cannot judge.” 

Understanding Animal Research said it was a “complex issue” that was “complicated due to misinformation”. 

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Just up the road in Peterborough, flash floods prompted nearly 200 calls to Cambridgeshire firefighters on Friday evening.   

Flooding has been an issue at the core of Huntingdonshire residents' concerns since Christmas. 

Gemma Albone said: “If the council did what we pay for in taxes cleaned the rivers, lakes, ditches, drains and gutters regularly this wouldn’t happen."

Simon Kemp said: “Totally agree clear drains would of helped a lot of these issues.” 

Cambridgeshire County Council say they are constantly working to improve flooding mitigation across the county. 

Congratulations were in store for Ben Pitt who was elected as the district councillor for the St Neots East seat vacated by Dr Nik Johnson. 

Celia Barden said: “Congratulations to Ben but what a shame it was such a small turn out to vote.” 

The Eaton Belles WI received a lot of love for their clean-up of the Coneygeare bridge in Eynesbury. 

Noush Pollett Graham said: “My lovely yogi Nicky was one of the ladies that cleaned the bridge! Well done to you all!” 

Last but not least, news that legend Tom Jones would play a smaller venue in Cambridge later this year brought a smile to people’s faces. 

Gareth Hurford said: “Tom Jones to play in Cambridge? It’s not unusual!”