Book Review: Powers and Thrones by Dan Jones

Dan Jones new book is called Powers and Thrones

Dan Jones new book is called Powers and Thrones. - Credit: WATERSTONES ST NEOTS

Once again the popular historian Dan Jones has pulled off a magnificent tour de force of pure historic delight.

Spanning a thousand years from the end of the Roman Empire to the dawning of the Protestant reformation, this epic effort is well worth a read and only highlights further why Jones is one of the most accessible historical writers of today.

The narrative style is effective and pacy and the huge sweep of world history that is covered does not seem to intimidate the writer at all, in fact he seems to relish the challenge.

Why is Europe and the world like it is today, and can the span of history covered in this book help explain some of the situations we face today?

Dan Jones eloquently answers this question with an emphatic “yes” and you finish the book with not only a sound understanding of the period but also how it influences who we are today.