HUNTS: London Marathon runner keeping it clean - with a washing machine

A HUNTINGDONSHIRE man will literally be getting into a spin when he takes on the London Marathon this month with an unusual load on his back.

While the last thing on most runners’ mind will be their laundry, Pete Digby of Ravenshoe, Godmanchester obviously takes his domestic duties seriously - because he cannot bear to be separated from his washing machine.

The 40 year-old has decided to take on the 26 mile course with an 80lb washing machine strapped to his back.

It is not the first time the City of London worker has formed such an attachment with a kitchen appliance. Last year he completed the marathon carrying a fridge and raising money for the Royal British Legion.

Ex-para trooper Pete, who this year is raising money for The Parachute Regiment Afghanistan Trust, says he is not motivated, however, by an affinity for white goods.

He just wants to raise as much money as possible for soldiers killed or wounded in action.

He said: “The charity is making a difference and as you are aware the regiment is having heavy casualties at this time, of which the British public are very supportive.

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“I wanted to raise the profile of the charity and what I was going - and I thought ‘What could I do that is different?’ Last year I got a lot of people supporting the cause after seeing my run the marathon with the fridge.

“I am working my way through the white goods.”

Pete is preparing for the challenge by running with a rucksack on his back. Though nearer the marathon on Sunday, April 17, he will be taking the washing machine on practice runs around Godmanchester.

He said: “I hope to finish this year in about five and a half hours probably with the same amount of hurt, blood, tears and scars I gained in last year’s London Marathon.”

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