Comedy couple spread cheer by sharing lockdown videos

Trevor and Sue Parmenter

Trevor and Sue Parmenter, from St Neots, started recording comedy parody videos in lockdown. - Credit: Family

A St Neots couple in their 60s have lifted spirits in lockdown by performing parody videos on a ukulele – even getting support from the other side of the globe. 

Trevor and Sue Parmenter, from St Neots, started recording the videos when the pandemic hit as a way to stay in touch with family and friends. 

But it didn’t take long before their talents were recognised by a wider audience. 

“It started when we sent our daughter, Lisa, a video just to say that we were doing ok,” explained 69-year-old Trevor. 

“Then she shared it with her friends and they really enjoyed it, so it just became a thing and we started to post online. 

Sue and Trevor Parmenter

Trevor and Sue Parmenter have kept people entertained during lockdown. - Credit: Family

“People gave us various subjects to sing about and at the height of it we started to release one video a day. 

“I decided to rope in Sue as she is great at improvising with comedy.” 

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From dancing, singing, playing instruments and even Sue, 64, starring in her rain mac for a blustery weekend rendition of Singing in the Rain – you name it and the pair can play it. 

Their son Keith stepped in to help out with one of their latest videos for ‘Stuck on the Sofa with You’ by changing the words to the 1972 hit Stuck in the Middle With You. 

Trevor, a retired engineer, said: “If I get something in my head, then I hear a tune, I say to Sue ‘we can do this’. 

“It’s all off the cuff and we usually just do it in one take. 

“We decided to make a group on Facebook called ‘Sue and Trevs Vids’ and we started to have likes from as far away as New Zealand. 

“People were commenting saying ‘you just really cheer us up’. 

However, despite being a musical family, it was only five years ago that Trevor took up the ukulele and then joined a local group. 

“It’s the type of instrument that has that upbeat sound that makes people feel happy,” he added. 

“It’s a unique time that we’re in but it’s not going to be like this forever, so for now we do what we can to make people smile.” 

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